Slitting requires exceptional control of dimensional tolerances to minimize waste and maximize productivity and AccuWeb has innovative solutions to age old slitting problems.

Only AccuWeb covers the entire range of slitting applications with electromechanical linear actuators that can move loads exceeding 100,000 lbs (45,455 Kg), providing a reliable alternative to maintenance prone hydraulic systems. These robust units can be easily applied to unwind stands and uncoilers. All models have end-of-travel (EOT) and servo-center function. If needed, AccuWeb can custom design shifting base assemblies to match your application requirements.  (See Electronics In, Hydraulic Out to learn how AccuWeb helped one company improve their wide web converting productivity).

The AccuBeam® 3 Digital Line Guide is a perfect match for slitting operations.  It can recognize and guide solid and intermittent color lines, edges and print patterns throughout the entire color spectrum.  The AccuBeam 3 is the result of combining three optoelectronic technologies in one compact housing.  Maximum contrast can be achieved on matte, glossy or even holographic backgrounds by selecting from any of three built-in reflective incidence angles and four LED colors.