The AccuNet offers superior speed & advanced technology in a compact web guide controller.

The AccuNET offers both versatility and reliability in a small package. Easily integrated with industry standard networks, the AccuNET is readily compatible with AccuWeb’s dynamically compensated WideArray™ and PointSource™ edge detectors as well as WideArray 2.0™ and CLS Pro 600.

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24 V DC Operation - The AccuNET controller is easy to integrate into existing converting lines or control panels. 

Symmetrical Edge Processing - Parralled processing with 2 PointSource or WideArray edge detectors. 

DualEdge™ Guiding –  Capable of centerline guiding webs up to 18” wide using a single WideArray edge detector.

Backwards Compatibility - Compatible with all existing PointSource and WideArray edge detectors.

WideArray 2.0™ and CLS Pro Compatible - Seamless plug and play compatibility.

Faster Response - 32 Bit processing plus fast closed loop for better performance. 

Built In Discrete I/O - Standard feature for easy integration. 

Operator Friendly - Intuitive operator interface with 5" color touch screen.

Network Friendly - Integrated fieldbus easily interfaces with most popular fieldbus networks, including Ethernet IP, ProfiNET, EtherCAT and Modbus TCP.

Upgrade Friendly - Add new features and increased speed to older systems. 


Controller Comparison

System CapabilitiesEVO 150Micro 1000Micro 4000 NETAccuNET
No calibration needed
8-button switchpad with Servo-center 
Touch Screen HTMl   
Class l, Div 1 environment capable  
PWM drive
Adjustable Servo-gain control
Auto-recovery after power interruption
Optically-isolated inhibit function 
Optically-isolated fault indicator output  optional
Drives brushed DC motors
Drives brushless DC motors  
Compatible actuator maxi load weight7,500 lbs5,000 lbs100,000 lbs100,000 lbs
Dual Power   


Edge/Line Detector CompatibilityEVO 150Micro 1000Micro 4000 NETAccuNET
WideArray™ Edge Detectors
High-temperature edge detectors  
AccuBeam® ll digital line/edge guide 
CLS Pro 600   
WideArray 2.0™   


Network CompatibilityEVO 150Micro 1000Micro 4000 NETAccuNET
Analog signal inputs, signal outputs  
Discrete PLC l/Ooptionaloptional
ControlNET capable   
DeviceNET capable   
Modbus Plus capable   
EtherNet/IP capable 
Profibus capable   
PROFINET l/O capable 
Web Accesible    


Web Guide CapabilitiesEVO 150Micro 1000Micro 4000 NETAccuNET
DualEdge™ Technology  
Web width monitoring optional optional
Oscillation at a static rate optionaloptionaloptional
Oscillation rate based on line speed optional optional
Web randomizeroptionaloptionaloptional
Edge/Line loss detection
Remote guide point adjust optionaloptionaloptionaloptional


AccuNET Specifications

Input Voltage:

  • 24V DC 

Enclosure Options:

  • 5.0” HMI touchscreen 
  • Switchpad 
  • DIN rail mounting 


  • 30°F (0°C) – 125°F (52°C) 

Interface Compatibility:

  • Standard EtherNET/IP
  • Optional ProfiNET
  • Optional EtherCAT
  • Optional Modbus TCP


  • DualEdge™ Technology 
  • Web width monitoring 
  • Oscillation 
  • Randomization 
  • Chaser/Slave web guiding 
  • Remote guide point adjust