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Bag Making

Whether you manufacture bags for trash, bread, retail merchandise, hygiene products, or produce stand-up pouches, form-fill-seal containers, security pouches or any other conceivable mono or multi-wall flexible package, AccuWeb has a web guide system specifically engineered to maximize your productivity and to minimize waste. 

AccuWeb’s patented WideArray™ edge detection technology provides unique advantages for bag making companies.  Centerline guiding with two WideArrays can easily compensate for web width variation going into the V-board, and the WideArray’s larger area of detection easily handles necking issues.

Every WideArray or PointSource™ edge detector is dynamically compensated.  This exclusive AccuWeb technology that automatically compensates for all accuracy-degrading environmental and process factors, from temperature and humidity fluctuations, to the presence of vapors or dust, to web flutter, or other environmental factors.   This eliminates any concerns that the use of Oxi-Dry could contaminate your edge detectors. 

To learn more about WideArray and Dynamic Compensation, see In Search of the Perfect Edge Detector, or A Guide to Achieving Six Sigma Quality.