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Coating and Laminating

Since the company was founded in 1984, coating and laminating have been AccuWeb mainstays and a major focus for much of our product innovation.

Leading global producers of coated and/or printed films, papers, nonwovens, fabrics, and foils have relied on AccuWeb to provide custom engineered solutions for their most challenging web guide applications.  This experience led AccuWeb to pioneer the development of a multiple fieldbus or Ethernet interface in the Micro 4000®NET controller.

Each element of our closed loop web guide systems has application specific options engineered to withstand the harshest raw materials or environmental conditions.  Whether you make food or pharmaceutical packaging, building materials, pressure sensitive tapes, light sensitive films, printed circuit boards, or virtually any web-to-web converted product, AccuWeb has the appropriate web guide and the experience to help maximize your productivity while ensuring environmental compliance.

Only AccuWeb covers the entire range of web guide applications with  electromechanical linear actuators that can move loads exceeding 100,000 lbs, providing a reliable alternative to maintenance prone hydraulic systems.

Wide web coater/laminators often have multiple unwinds/rewinds in the 25,000+ (11,364+ Kg) range.  Only AccuWeb tackles these heavy duty applications with electromechanical actuators.  They are clean, efficient and eliminate the risk of contaminating the web with hydraulic fluids. The functionality of multiple guides can be integrated through the Micro 4000®NET controller via fieldbus or an Ethernet interface.

Intrinsically safe models are available to operate in Class I Division 1 Group C&D hazardous environments.  (See Electronics In, Hydraulic Out to learn how AccuWeb helped one company improve their coating and laminating productivity). 

WideArray™ edge detectors offer a wide sensing range using either ultrasonic or infrared technology, allowing converters to change web widths on the fly without the need for manual or mechanical repositioning.  (See A Guide to Achieving Six Sigma Quality to learn how AccuWeb’s Wide Array played a key role in one company’s move towards their Six Sigma quality goal).  WideArrays simplify the lamination process by eliminating the moving parts when positioning one web relative to another in Chaser/Slave applications.

Every WideArray has AccuWeb’s exclusive dynamic compensation technology that automatically compensates for dust, dirt, changes in temperature and humidity, as well as web flutter and passline variances, and other environmental factors.  (See In Search for the Perfect Edge Detector to learn more about Dynamic Compensation.)  Dynamic compensation has been applied in other unique ways, like the High Temperature Ultrasonic Edge Detector designed for oven environments up to 500º F (260º C).