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Custom Applications

Custom applications span across multiple industry sectors and applications. A few of the more common are detailed below.  AccuWeb’s team of engineers can assist you in designing web guide systems for the most challenging applications, materials, and environments.  Just contact AccuWeb, and let’s get started.

Chaser/Slave and multiple slave edge detection systems use WideArray™ technology to eliminate all moving parts.

The guide point can be electronically fine tuned in increments as small as .001 inch through a remote station or communicated via PLC inputs using the Micro 4000NET Controller.

Master/Follower and multiple follower configurations can be designed for specialized unwind or uncoiling applications

An optional Oscillation Function allows the user to perform web oscillation electronically thus replacing the mechanical hardware normally required for this function. Web oscillation is primarily used for processing materials to prevent gage-band build-up on rewind rolls.    

Web oscillation can be programmed to electronically move the guide point over a wide range of speeds and distance:

Oscillation speed:      0 to 25.5 inches (647.7 mm) per minute
Oscillation distance:     0 to 7.50 inches (190.5 mm) (or ± linear actuator stroke)

When the oscillation function is turned on, the guide point moves at a programmed speed over a programmed distance, moving continuously to keep the web’s edge or centerline aligned within the moving guide point range.

The rate of oscillation can also be controlled by the Micro 4000NET via analog inputs. This automatically adjusts the rate of oscillation based on changes in line speed.

AccuWeb custom designs guided turn bars as part of its PDG-AP Series. This special assembly guides the web while turning it 180º from its original path. This is particularly useful where space constraints exist.

Part of AccuWeb’s PointSource™ range of edge detectors is a special high temperature compensated ultrasonic version, specifically designed for oven dryer guiding. This high temperature edge detector provides precise web guiding at 500º F (260º C) and is ideal for multi-zone ovens and oven extensions.