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WideArray Edge Sensors
The WideArray edge sensors from the BST North America brand AccuWeb can be used for narrow and mid web applications, and the interface allows WideArray sensors to be retrofitted and used with the companies' ekr500 digital controllers. WideArray sensors feature large detection ranges - up to 18½" - to accommodate variations in web width. As a result, web widths can be changed on the fly, eliminating the need to physically reposition edge sensors, which means time savings and reduced downtime. They also allow the operator to change web position with the touch of a button. WideArray sensors self-calibrate, so they are ideal for applications with many web width changes or applications needing frequent adjustments of the web position.

Traditional optical edge sensors are highly sensitive to build ups of dust and other contaminants, and traditional ultrasonic sensors react strongly to changes in air temperature and vertical web flutter. WideArray sensors eliminate both of these limitations. Every WideArray sensor features AccuWeb's patented Compensated Array Technology, which automatically compensates for dust, changes in temperature and humidity, as well as web flutter and passline variances, along with other environmental factors. As a result, the Infrared WideArray is ideal for non-woven applications, where dust and lint are common problems.

Wide Array sensors also eliminate the need for mechanical edge seeking devices, and they have no moving parts, which means no maintenance. They are intrinsically safe, which makes them ideal for use in Class I group C and D environments. Rugged and compact in size, a WideArray sensor is easily mounted and requires only a single cable.

New Dual Edge Technology

New DualEdge™ Technology allows a single WideArray edge sensor to monitor both edges of the width web simultaneously, for highly accurate centerline guiding of web widths up to 18.4 inches. They are used with the EVO 150 controller, a very compact package that offers many communication protocols, and is capable of oscillation, electronic guide point adjustment, web width measurement and web position monitoring. BST

North America is the US subsidiary of BST eltromat International, created when BST and eltromat merged in 2014. BST North America sells and services the entire portfolio of products in the United States, Canada and Mexico, under the brands of AccuWeb, BST eltromat and BST Pro Control.

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