BST North America at NPE


BST North America at NPE 2018

BST North America will showcase its latest technology and products at NPE2018: The Plastics Show - the largest plastics conference and tradeshow in the world, featuring more than 65,000 buyers from across the globe and more than 1 million square feet of exhibit space - May 7-11, 2018 at Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida.

The topics of web guiding and web inspection will be in the foreground at the booth of BST North America and its subsidiary AccuWeb (Booth W7481). Therefore, at the joint trade show booth, visitors will find a comprehensive portfolio of solutions that seamlessly cover the plastic industry's numerous technical and economic challenges that arise with the web-oriented manufacture of products made of plastic and rubber. Solutions will be presented that were developed in close contact with customers, both tried and tested solutions as well as newer ones. The inspection systems, the quality assurance systems in the iPQ family, as well as the web guiding systems combine to offer an extensive portfolio of products for all needs in terms of ensuring and controlling quality in web-oriented processes.

Whenever plastics or rubber processors need to monitor production quality they put their trust in the inspection solutions and web guide systems from BST North America and AccuWeb. Be it extruders, calendars, systems that process plastic films, flexible packaging, multi-layer packaging materials, rubber webs or other materials: manufacturers around the world opt for the extensive portfolio of solutions of BST North America and AccuWeb. The inspection systems and web guiding systems offered cover virtually all industrial requirements.

Web Guiding for Process Control
In the field of web guiding, the BST North America presentation at NPE 2018 will include reliable andconfigurable solutions that customers worldwide rely on. Depending on the requirements, solutions are offered for narrow to wide webs. The extremely simple operation of the systems via the various controllers is a key reason why many customers decide in favor of the company's web guiding systems, especially in the plastics and rubber processing industry. The operators can see at a glance whether the materials are being accurately controlled, and can intervene quickly if the need arises.

The booth will feature a real-time demonstration of WideArray edge sensors from the BST North America subsidiary AccuWeb. WideArray sensors can be used for narrow and mid web applications, and the interface allows the sensors to be retrofitted and used with any of the company's digital controllers. WideArray sensors feature large detection ranges - up to 18½" - to accommodate variations in web width. As a result, web widths can be changed on the fly, eliminating the need to physically reposition edge sensors, which means time savings and reduced downtime. They also allow the operatorto change web position with the touch of a button. WideArray sensors self-calibrate, so they are ideal for applications with many web width changes or applications needing frequent adjustments of the web position.

Wide Array sensors also eliminate the need for mechanical edge seeking devices, and they have no moving parts, which means no maintenance. They are intrinsically safe, which makes them ideal foruse in Class I group C and D environments. Rugged and compact in size, a WideArray sensor is easily mounted and requires only a single cable.

iPQ-Center for Quality Assurance
The visitors at NPE 2018 can also receive information about BST's iPQ-Center. This modularly constructed system offers extensive possibilities for quality assurance in order to target the best production results. The abbreviation iPQ stands for "increasing Productivity and Quality" in the production process. The module for 100% inspection is called iPQ-Check, while iPQ-View covers digital video web inspection tasks and iPQ-Spectral is a tool for inline spectral color measurement. iPQ-Workflow integrates these three modules into a common quality assurance process which creates the basis for the continuous optimization of print processes. The iPQ-Center reliably recognizes and records errors, so machine operators are in a position to quickly and easily intervene in the process and correct settings. NPE visitors will see a running demo of the iPQ-Check module.

NPE 2018 attendees who visit the BST North America booth will conclude that wherever materials are unwound and rewound, or production parameters measured and quality controlled, it's highly likely that these jobs are handled by solutions offered by BST North America and its subsidiary AccuWeb.

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