Extensive Portfolio for the Converting Industry


At the ICE Europe 2017 exhibition (in Munich from March 21 to 23), the topics of web guiding actuators and sensors will be in the foreground, among other things, at the booth of BST eltromat International and its subsidiary BST ProControl in hall A6 (booth 386). At the joint exhibition booth, visitors will find a comprehensive portfolio of solutions that seamlessly covers the converting industry’s numerous technical and economic requirements. Under the exhibition motto “BST eltromat: Unique Quality Assurance for Results that Count,” solutions will be presented that were developed in close cooperation with customers – both tried-and-tested solutions and newer ones. The inspection systems, the quality assurance systems in the iPQ family, the register control systems, and the automation solutions from BST eltromat along with the layer thickness and basis weight measurement solution from BST ProControl constitute an extensive portfolio for ensuring and controlling quality in web-oriented converting processes.

“We have simplified our extraordinarily powerful and flexible scanning technology, which makes it easy to use even for inexperienced machine operators. That is how we meet the requirements of ICE visitors for both innovative and user-friendly systems,” says Ingo Ellerbrock, Head of Product Management at BST eltromat, in anticipation of his company’s appearance at the exhibition. “Traditionally, at this internationally leading exhibition dedicated to the processing and converting of flexible web materials, lots of exhibitors show application examples in which many of our solutions are used. Thus, some of our systems will be seen at numerous exhibition booths this year, too.” A special ICE highlight is the cooperation with KAMPF Schneid- und Wickeltechnik GmbH & Co. KG, on Converting 4.0. Here, BST eltromat is integrated into the company’s new production cockpit, for instance, which analyzes data from the entire production process and allows for smart operation.

Web Guiding Combined with Web Monitoring and 100% Print Inspection
In terms of web guiding, BST eltromat will be presenting two demo installations at ICE Europe 2017. Depending on the requirements for the products being manufactured, BST eltromat’s web guiding solutions can be equipped with various sensors, splice tables, and clamping devices. They are implementable in an equally diverse way. For instance, like all of the company’s web guiding systems, the CompactGuide is extremely easy to use using its simple controller. The intuitive operation is constructed in an extremely logical way, and the operators can see at a glance whether the materials are being controlled accurately. If required, they can quickly and easily intervene in order to ensure consistently high production quality. In the area of web guiding, BST eltromat gives its customers a selection of eco-variants, basic systems and high-end solutions. They are suitable for both narrow and wide web applications and are customized for special assignments as needed. Atlas Converting Equipment Ltd, an international manufacturer of slitters and rewinders and a satisfied customer of BST eltromat, is also exhibiting at the ICE. In Munich, customers and interested visitors can get more information about Atlas Converting’s slitter and rewinder equipped with products from BST eltromat.

The new POWERScope 5000 digital web monitoring system stands out due to its improved image quality, a design that is even more compact than its predecessor, and an innovative operating concept with intuitive gesture control. In Munich, BST eltromat will demonstrate the improved performance of this modularly constructed web monitoring system on a running web. The TubeScan eagle view, developed by BST eltromat cooperation partner Nyquist Systems, will also be shown on a rewinder. It combines 100% print inspection with web monitoring and allows for the detection of print defects.

In addition, a regi_star 20 will be presented at the exhibition, representing BST eltromat’s product variety for register control. This area includes almost all applications that require a single register control system for length and side control. This advanced system includes, among other things, the control of pre-printed webs and tool stations in printing presses.

iPQ-Center for Quality Assurance
The visitors at ICE Europe can also get information about BST eltromat’s iPQ-Center. This modularly constructed system offers extensive possibilities for quality assurance in order to target the best production results. The abbreviation iPQ stands for “increasing productivity and quality” in the production process. The module for 100% inspection is called iPQ-Check, while iPQ-View covers digital web monitoring tasks, and iPQ-Spectral is a tool for inline spectral color measurement. iPQ-Workflow integrates these three modules into a common quality assurance process that forms the basis for the continuous optimization of printing processes. The iPQ-Center reliably recognizes and records defects, so machine operators are in a position to quickly and easily intervene in the process and correct the settings. The possible applications for converters will be demonstrated at both companies’ booths at the ICE using the example of KAMPF Production Cockpit (KPC).

Automation and Consistently Integrated Production

An increasing number of customers are approaching BST eltromat with the wish to integrate more of the company’s solutions into their machines and to network them with systems from other companies, to achieve fully automated production processes. That is a main task of the automation sector. A second key aspect in this line of business is the retrofitting of older machines. Here, BST eltromat has gained experience with hundreds of machines over the past 20 years.

Layer Thickness Measurement for Converting Tasks

In Munich, BST ProControl will show a traverse that is installed with two different sensors mounted. First will be an X-Ray (<5 kV) head for precise basis weight measurements, which, due to its “soft rays” of less than five keV, is not subject to special approval. The second sensor, IREX-TS (Transmission) is an infrared sensor for the measurement of coatings, which, among other things, precisely measures the amount of coating in transparent packaging films. Both sensors will be operated on the traverse while the INDICON-XL software will capture, evaluate, and visualize the measurement results in real time in the form of cross and longitudinal sections. The PC16S®-wave transmission sensor will also be exhibited BST ProControl. It is used for quick and precise measurement of polymer-based mono films, a novelty in the global market. Since this sensor works without ionizing electromagnetic waves, neither national nor international approval is necessary for its use. “BST ProControl particularly stands out due to a unique service offering that, among other things, helps converters to realize production processes that are more efficient, save resources, and minimize waste,” explains Marcus Babel, Head of Sales and Service at the company in Wenden.

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