EVO 150 | BST Accuweb

A compact 24V DC Web Guide Controller for brushed and brushless actuators.

The EVO 150 offers both versatililty and reliability in a remarkably small package. It integrates easily with industry standard networks and is compatible with all AccuWeb dynamically compensated WideArray™ and PointSource™ edge detectors that automatically calibrates the web guide system for environmental changes and process contamination.

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The EVO 150 control module can be ordered for DIN rail mounting or in one of three IP65 rated enclosures

  • enclosure only
  • enclosure with switchpad
  • enclosure with touch screen HMI

24V DC Operation — Integrates easily into existing lines or control panels. 

150 Watts of Power — Enough power to control all web guiding actuators. 

Advanced Brushed or Brushless Drive – works with existing actuators and maintenance-free brushless motors. 

Network Friendly — EtherNet/IP, PROFINET I/O, and discrete I/O communication protocols allow easy interface with PLC networks. 

Web Accessible — Integrated web connection via standard EtherNet cabling allows convenient uploading and downloading of guide settings and performance data. 

Applications — Designed for web applications up to 40" wide. 

DualEdge™ Guiding — Capable of centerline guiding webs up to 18" wide using a single WideArray™ edge detector. 

Four Configurations — The EVO 150 control module is available for DIN rail mounting or in steel enclosure with optional switchpad or touch screen HMI.

Ratings — Enclosures are rated IP65 for protection from harsh environments, and designed to UL, EUL, CUL and CE codes. Reference UL certificates at www.ul.com.

Controller Comparison

System Capabilities EVO 150Micro 1000Micro 4000 NET
No calibration needed
8-button switchpad with Servo-center
Class I, Div 1 environment capable
PWM drive
Adjustable Servo-gain control
Auto-recovery after power interruption
Optically-isolated inhibit function
Optically-isolated fault indicator outputOptional
Drives brushed DC motors
Drives brushless DC motors
Compatible actuator maximum load weight7,500 lbs.5,000 lbs.100,000 lbs.
Edge/Line Detector Compatibility EVO 150Micro 1000Micro 4000 NET
WideArray™ Edge Detectors
High-temperature edge detectors
AccuBeam® 3 digital line/edge guide
Network CompatibilityEVO 150Micro 1000Micro 4000 NET
Analog signal inputs, signal outputs
Discrete PLC I/OOptionalOptional
ControlNET capable
DeviceNet capable
Modbus Plus capable
EtherNet/IP capable
Profibus capable
PROFINET I/O capable
Web Accessible
Web Guide CapabilitiesEVO 150Micro 1000Micro 4000 NET
DualEdge™ Technology
Web width monitoringOptionalOptional
Oscillation at a static rateOptionalOptionalOptional
Oscillation rate based on line speedOptionalOptional
Web randomizerOptionalOptionalOptional
Edge/Line loss detection
Remote guide point adjustOptionalOptionalOptional

EVO 150 Specifications

Input Voltage:

  • 24V DC 

Switchpad Control Functions:

  • Edge A Select 
  • Edge B Select 
  • Centerline Select 
  • Actuator Retract 
  • Actuator Extend 
  • Automatic Mode 
  • Servo-center Mode 
  • Manual Mode 

Enclosure Options:

  • 4.3” HMI touchscreen 
  • Switchpad 
  • DIN rail mounting 


  • 30°F (0°C) – 125°F (52°C) 

Interface Compatibility:

  • Optional discrete I/O 
  • Optional EtherNet/IP 
  • Optional PROFINET I/O 


  • DualEdge™ Technology 
  • Web width monitoring 
  • Oscillation 
  • Randomization 
  • Chaser/Slave web guiding 
  • Remote guide point adjust 
  • Remote line guide adjust

The EVO 150 control module can be easily DIN rail mounted in an existing cabinet.

Compatible with all AccuWeb dynamically compensated WideArray™ and PointSource™ edge detectors.

Compatible with all remote guide adjust stations.

Controls brushed or brushless actuators (max load to 7,500 lbs.).