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AccuWeb's dynamically compensation array edge detectors offer a wide sensing range using either ultrasonic or infrared sensing technology.

WideArray™ Edge Detectors feature large detection ranges to accommodate variations in web width. Web widths can be changed on the fly, eliminating the need to physically reposition edge detectors. Rugged and compact in size, a WideArray is easily mounted and requires only a single cable.

Every WideArray features AccuWeb’s patented Compensated Array Technology that automatically compensates for dust, changes in temperature and humidity, as well as web flutter and passline variances, along with other environmental factors.

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24V DC Operation — Integrates easily into existing lines or control panels. 150 Watts of Power – Enough power to control all web guiding actuators. 

Advanced Brushed or Brushless Drive — works with existing actuators and maintenance-free brushless motors. 

Network Friendly — EtherNet/IP, PROFINET I/O, and discrete I/O communication protocols allow easy interface with PLC networks. 

Web Accessible — Integrated web connection via standard EtherNet cabling allows convenient uploading and downloading of guide settings and performance data. 

Applications — Designed for web applications up to 40" wide. 

DualEdge™ Guiding — Capable of centerline guiding webs up to 18" wide using a single WideArray™ edge detector. 

Four Configurations — The EVO 150 control module is available for DIN rail mounting or in steel enclosure with optional switchpad or touch screen HMI.

Ratings — Enclosures are rated IP65 for protection from harsh environments, and designed to UL, EUL, CUL and CE codes. Reference UL certificates at www.ul.com.

You’ll always get more value from AccuWeb

  • The WideArray is ideal for any application that requires an increased detection range. Applications include edge guiding, centerline guiding, electronic oscillation to reduce guage-band build-up, positioning one web relative to another, measuring web width, and monitoring edge or centerline position.
  • A remote station can be located anywhere, allowing operators to easily adjust guide points in .001 inch increments within the wide detection range. Now operators can fine-tune web position with digital accuracy and repeatability.
  • The WideArray is ideally suited for chaser/slave applications typically found in laminating, thereby replacing complicated and high-maintenance mechanical positioning devices.
  • Web guage position and guide point can be communicated via PLC inputs using the Micro 4000®NET Controller.

The advantage of patented dynamically compensated array edge detection technology

Multiple pairs of emitters and receivers create the seamless detection area of the WideArray. Four beams are active at all times, three for locating the edge of the web, the other to monitor the environment adjacent to the web.

As the web edge moves within the WideArray detection range, the compensation point moves with the web edge, constantly adjusting for changing conditions.

WideArray edge detectors feature a wide range that can automatically detect webs of differing widths, speeding changeovers. WideArrays are available in both ultrasonic and infrared configurations to accurately handle any web material.

Ultrasonic and Infrared Comparison

Clear film
Opaque film
* Sample resolution test required



  • 30ºF (0ºC) – 185ºF (85ºC) 


  • Anodized aluminum, stainless steel, or engineered polymer (available washdown options) 


  • 0.5% - 3.0% over entire temperature range

Edge Detector Dimensions

ModelDimensions - Inches (mm)
1.5x3.751.25 (32)3.00 (76)4.56 (116)1.20 (30)3.81 (97)1.50 (38)AB-9501
1.5x51.25 (32)3.00 (76)5.75 (146)2.40 (61)5.00 (127)1.50 (38)AB-8217
4x3.751.25 (32)5.50 (140)4.56 (116)1.20 (30)3.81 (97)4.00 (102)AB-9579
4x51.25 (32)5.50 (140)5.75 (146)2.40 (61)5.00 (127)4.00 (102)AB-7907
4x91.25 (32)5.50 (140)10.25 (260)6.40 (163)9.00 (229)4.00 (102)AC-6505
4x141.25 (32)5.50 (140)15.06 (383)11.20 (284)13.81 (351)4.00 (102)AC-6506
4x211.25 (33)5.75 (146)22.50 (572)18.40 (467)21.13 (537)4.00 (102)AD-5872