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Hazardous Environments

The AccuWeb hazardous environment system gives you complete control over web position, despite the presence of flammable or combustible gases and vapors. 

The system includes an intrinsically safe edge detector and an explosion-proof or air-purged actuator.

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Hazardous Duty Edge Detectors — safety barriers limit the amount of electrical energy that can flow into the hazardous environment through the edge detector cables. Energy is limited to a safe level that cannot ignite flammable gas, dust, or vapor mixtures.

Hazardous Duty Purged Actuators — The purge system circulates clean air through the actuator housing and cable. Positive pressure prevents the accumulation of flammable or combustible mixtures around the actuator motor and cable wiring. A separate return duct and pressure sensor continuously monitor airflow and shut off actuator power in the event of a leak.

Hazardous Duty Explosion-Proof Actuators — These actuators use explosion-proof motors to safely contain accidental combustion of gases or vapors within the motor housing. Available with a brushed DC motor or a high-performance brushless AC motor.

Accuracy and Reliability — Dynamically compensated edge detectors continuously adapt to changing environmental conditions and build-up of contaminants on the sensors. Eliminates maintenance headaches caused by constant cleaning and recalibration. 

Operator Friendly  — Intuitive operator interface with touch pad and LED indicators. The system configuration keypad is located inside the system enclosure, safe from inadvertent adjustments.

Network Friendly — Optional fieldbus adapters easily interface with most popular fieldbus networks, including ControlNet™, DeviceNet™, Modbus Plus, Profibus®-DP, and Ethernet protocols. Discrete I/O interfacing is a standard feature.

System Schematics

Compact purged actuators

Intrinsically-safe, dynamically compensated edge detectors

Powerful, explosion-proof actuators

Purged AccuBeam II digital line guide available