Mark Andy 800 Series PDG | BST Accuweb

Design to fit all Mark Andy 819, 820 and 830 label presses. When tighter customer tolerances demand precise web guiding, the AccuWeb patented 800 series delivers.

This economical drop-in system is designed to add a web guide or replace an existing one. The system includes a Micro 1000® digital controller, specially designed PointSourceTM edge detector, and a compact AccuGuideTM PDG-PS positive displacement guide structure.

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Easy Installation — Adding an AccuGuide system to your Mark Andy 800 series label press is simple and straightforward.

Dynamically Compensated — automatically adjusts for all environmental, process and web edge changes - temperature, relative humidity, barometric pressure, dirt, dust, Oxi-Dry, nitrogen additions, web flutter, or passline variation.

Totally Automated — Edge detectors self-calibrate automatically. No operator adjustment necessary - resulting in faster make-ready.

Any Web Material — Our edge detectors sense all web materials - paper, film, foil, nonwovens, mesh, metals, virtually any web regardless of opacity level or density. 

Other Retrofits Available — Retrofits available for all makes of presses including Mark Andy, Comco, Allied Gear, Propheteer, Aquaflex, Rotopress, Nilpeter, and others. Please contact AccuWeb for details.

Specify AccuWeb for your next equipment or replacement web guide - and experience the digital difference.

You’ll always get more value from AccuWeb

  • The compact PDG-PS/800 series is a cost effective path to improved Mark Andy performance.
  • PWM (Pulsed Width Modulated) actuator motor drive for quick, accurate response.
  • All systems include an actuator with automatic servo-center and end-of-travel internal limit switches.
  • Systems come with Micro 1000 controller, edge detector, actuator, and guide assembly.
  • A proprietary linear bearing system is used to reduce friction and wear, allowing for a faster, more accurate response.
  • The unique bearing system is designed to position the pivot point exactly on the incoming plane to ensure guide accuracy.

Mark Andy 800 series installation instructions

  1. Remove manual unwind adjust knob, shaft, sprocket, and chain.
  2. Install guide using a 3/4” hole in rear machine frame, locating pin, washer, and cap screw. 
  3. Orient guide vertically and tighten cap screw. 
  4. Drill and tap a 3/8-16 hole at A or thru hole if appropriate. 
  5. Tighten screw. Locate system controller in a convenient location. 
  6. Connect the edge detector and guide cables to the controller. 
  7. Refer to installation manual for setup and operation.


Guide Model Information

Mark Andy 810/820/830 7” 

  • Guide Model 8.50501 

Mark Andy 830 10” 

  • Guide Model 11.50501

Compatible with the Micro 1000 controller

Special edge detector allows for maximum web widths

Specifically designed for the Mark Andy 810, 820 and 830

Easily replaces existing web guide system